Striped Cashmere Scarves with the Warp Factor!

Our striped cashmere scarves are no ordinary scarves – they have the warp factor! Not warp speed, sadly – we’re still working on that… ‘Warp’ in the textile world refers to a special knit technique that makes our cashmere scarves thicker than the ordinary scarf, but with a fraction of the weight.

Striped cashmere closeup

Striped cashmere closeup

men's striped cashmere scarf

striped cashmere scarf with the warp factor

Here’s how it works. Normal flat knitting has a single thread that goes back and forth, shuttle-style, building up the fabric. By contrast, warp knitting is turbo-charged – it’s pretty well a technical fabric in cashmere. Every stitch in the row has a separate strand of yarn, and knitting is done in vertical columns which are looped together. So it’s great for vertical stripes, as in these beautiful men’s striped cashmere scarves in fine 1ply, or the slightly thicker 2ply men’s cashmere scarves.

It also means the fabric is less likely to run, and can be knitted in a variety of textures for extra cosiness – as in these women’s striped cashmere scarves, which are beautifully soft and warm because of the tiny extra air pockets trapped by the warp fabric.

women's striped wristlets

women’s striped wristlets, warp style

Warp knitting isn’t confined to scarves, or even to cashmere. We also make best-selling lambswool wristlets which are warp knit and wonderfully cosy (and unbelievably, just £10). Eagle-eyed trendspotters have even seen them worn by some rather famous hands

So while warp knits won’t promise you any speed advantage, they’ll definitely keep your warp core warm, wherever you boldly go (and make sure you pass our shop on the way!).


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