The Mystery of Hermione’s Wristlets

The first buzz of excitement around Hermione’s wristlets reached My Cosy Store earlier this year. A German fashion site,, was linking to our number 37 wristwarmers! Their eagle-eyed trendspotters were wondering whether they were the original ones worn by Emma Watson in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. International fashion fans on another site,, had also noticed the similarity.

Check out the mysterious Hermione wristlets here. And compare with our ones on the right:

Hermione's wristlets

Hermione’s famous wristlets?

We remembered that we had also had a visitor to our factory all the way from Switzerland who was keen to track them down, but we hadn’t seen the film and didn’t know what was going on…

We’re hugely excited to think of our wristlets being worn by a massive style icon like Ms Granger (especially one with such impeccable taste!), and have taken a closer look. Certainly they look very much like ours, and are knitted in an unusual warp fabric which is very thick and soft – perfect for keeping magic fingers nimble in the cold. And of course, they have our signature stripes, and the number 37 colourway looks uncannily similar to the wrist warmers worn by Emma Watson.

Sadly, we have no way of knowing whether Hermione is really wearing My Cosy Store wristlets. Although the Harry Potter team are known to favour Scottish knitwear, we just don’t know where she shops, and we don’t know anyone in the wardrobe department with the inside story. Coolspotters have identified them as William Brunton warp wristlets sold by an online stockist. This is in fact a former name for our company, and William Brunton wristlets are actually made by – you’ve guessed it – My Cosy Store!  – right here in our factory in the Scottish Borders.

So let’s say we’re 99% certain they’re Hermione’s wrist warmers, until we hear otherwise.

Hermione scarf lambswool

Complete the look!

Whatever the true story, our wristlets are unbelievably good value at just £10+P&P, so why not buy two pairs and treat yourself to a matching hat and scarf (narrow and wide)? You’ll also find them in loads of beautiful striped colourways to suit different looks.

If you’re looking for texting gloves, we also have supersoft cashmere fingerless mitts which feel totally luxurious and come in various gorgeous self shades.

PS. Thanks to Flita, Hexenkönigin and others for spotting the connection and getting us excited!

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