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How to wear a beanie hat

How to Wear a Beanie Hat

Have you ever considered a beanie hat but convinced yourself a beanie just wasn’t for you? We are here to change your mind – there is a beanie hat just for you, it’s all about how you wear it!

The colder autumn and winter months mean you need to wrap up. We would hate to think that you are out in the cold with a chilly head and ears all because you don’t think a beanie hat suits you.

Let’s also clarify that beanie hats and pompom bobble hats are unisex, they really can be worn by anyone at any age.

Whether you are a beanie hat lover looking for new style tips or considering venturing into the world of beanie hats for the first time, read on for our how-to-wear tips.


The Cuff

You’re probably wondering what a cuff is, why it’s on a hat, and what different cuffs are. The cuff is simply the edge of the hat, folded up to create a single cuff or left unfolded to be uncuffed.

The cuff of a beanie hat can be adjusted easily to change the look and fit of your beanie hat.

Beanie Hat cuffs
Top l-r: uncuffed, half cuff. Bottom l-r: single cuff, double cuff

Un-cuffed Beanie Hat
A beanie hat with no fold is an uncuffed beanie. An uncuffed beanie leaves more fabric at the back of the hat. This is favoured by those looking for a slouchy, more casual look for their beanie. If this look gives 90’s band East 17 vibes, look to Rihanna, Khloe Kardashian, Ashton Kutcher, and David Beckham as your current inspiration.

Single Cuff
A single cuff is a single fold or turn-up on the beanie. Our beanie hats are made with a single cuff making them super snug and super versatile to wear. This is a classic beanie style, super easy to wear just pull it over your head and off you go. Plus, the single cuff brings the fabric closer to your head, keeping you nice and toasty.

Double Cuff
To create a double cuff, pull the edge of the beanie to your eye line, then fold up an inch or so, and then fold it over again. A double cuff creates more of a frame for your face, which is especially great if you have short hair or fringe.

Half Cuff
A half cuff is achieved by flipping up either one side or the front. This is very much a stylistic take and extremely easy to do. Just pop your hat on and flick whichever side or the front of the hat to create a partial cuff.


The Placement & Position

How you wear your beanie hat starts with the placement and position. Changing the angle of your hat can change the look entirely.

The mid-forehead placement is the most popular and classic look. This way, your face is free and framed. Worn at 90°, the beanie covers the head and skims the ears keeping your head nice and cosy.

Wearing a beanie mid-forehead
Wearing a beanie mid-forehead

Wearing your beanie hat low gives you maximum cosiness. Pull your beanie down to your eyebrows and at a slight downward angle if you like to keep your ears lovely and cosy too.

Wearing a beanie at eyebrow level
Wearing a beanie low at eyebrow level

Wearing your beanie hat high in the hairline makes a real statement. Best worn uncuffed to give you maximum hat at the back to wear either slouched or high if that’s your style goal.

Alternatively, a double cuff worn at the hairline, covering the ears down to the back of the head, is known as ‘The Fisherman’.

Wearing a beanie high at hairline
Wearing a beanie high at the hairline

Beyond the hairline
If you want to show off some of your hair or are looking for more of a hipster style, then a beyond-the-hairline placement is for you. Some people don’t like to have things covering their faces, so this way, your face is hat free, but your head is still cosy.

Over the eyes
Reserve this look for hibernation or hiding when you’re having a bad day!


Face Shape Tips

Everybody’s head and facial features are unique but there are a few general tips for face shapes.

Wear your beanie mid-forehead or higher for those with a round or square-shaped face. Choose a ribbed style to add height – a good thing that all our beanies have ribbed cuffs, they will all suit you.

Double rib beanies
Double rib beanies

For those with longer faces, stripes or block colouring will wear well for you. Double-cuff your beanie to add more frame and width.


Beanie or Bobble Hat?

Now beanie hats are brilliant just as they are but there is always the option to add a pompom to transform the beanie into the bobble hat.

Beanie Hat or bobble hat?
Beanie Hat or bobble hat?

Adding a pom pom is an entirely personal choice.

Back in the day, sailors used to add pompoms to their hats as a means of head protection in rough seas or tight spaces. So, if you will be heading for the high seas or in a tight space, then a pom pom might well be a welcome addition.

These days we can enjoy a pom pom as an embellishment to our beanie hats because they make us smile, and that’s enough reason.


Find Your Beanie Hat Look

Shop for your perfect beanie hat
Shop for your perfect beanie hat

Now you know the elements that can change the look of a beanie hat. Have a play about with cuffs, placements and angles in front of the mirror to find your perfect beanie hat style.

Experiment with your favourite colours and knits too.

Ladies can shop for your new favourite beanie hat by clicking the link here. 

Gents, view our range of beanie hats by clicking this link.



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