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How to look after your cashmere accessories

There are a few basic rules for care that if you stick to will extend the life of your cashmere and keep you cosy for longer.  Well cared for cashmere can last over 30 years!


Refreshing Your Cashmere Accessories

Cashmere doesn’t need to be washed too often. Cashmere accessories can be refreshed by lightly steaming and spraying with a cashmere spray to remove odours.


Treating Cashmere Pilling

Natural fibres such as cashmere can appear to bobble over time. This is caused by loose fibres and friction and is know as pilling.  A cashmere comb can be used to remove pilling. To use a cashmere comb, lay the cashmere item flat and brush in one direction.  Avoid using scissors or a razor as this will cut and damage the fibres.  This can make the pilling problem worse or worse cause a hole to form.


Washing Your Cashmere Accessories

When you do need to wash your cashmere make sure you wash it by hand.  It is tempting to pop your cashmere into a washing machine, especially if they have a delicate wool cycle, but this will drastically reduce the life of your cashmere product.

Your step-by-step cashmere handwashing guide:

  1. Add some cool water into a basin and add an approved specialist cashmere detergent.
  2. Place your cashmere accessories into the basin to soak in the water and detergent.
    1. If you are washing your cashmere item due to a stain, spot treat with pre-wash with a wool stain soap before placing the item in the basin.
    2. If you are washing multiple cashmere accessories, wash similar colours together.
  3. Stir the water around with your hands and soak items for up to 30 minutes.
  4. Remove the cashmere accessories and gently squeeze water from the items by hand.
  5. To further remove excess moisture from your cashmere accessory, wrap the item in a towel and lightly squeeze, repeat as necessary.
  6. Lay items flat to dry in their natural shape. Do not place your cashmere accessories on a radiator or in direct sunlight to dry or in a tumble dryer.
  7. Once dry your cashmere accessories will be ready to wear. If required, your accessories can be ironed on a cool setting.

Storing Your Cashmere

Cashmere can be worn all year round.  However, if you like to save your super-cosies for colder climes you will need to store your cashmere accessories away safely, especially to protect from moths.

Before storing your cashmere accessories make sure the items are clean and washed following our cashmere washing guide.

Fold your cashmere accessories and place them in a linen or cotton storage bag.   A storage bag made of natural fibres allows the cashmere to breathe.  Plastic storage bags can cause your cashmere to sweat, especially if stored in a warm area. Place the storage bag in a drawer or on a shelf in a cool dry place.


A Note on Moths and Cashmere

Moth’s love cashmere but they can cause irreparable damage to your favourite cashmere accessories.  Moths are attracted to the natural body oils that we expel when we wear our clothing and accessories.  It is important for this reason to wash your cashmere to remove any residual body oils or dirt before you store it away so as not to attract moths.

To further detract moth’s cedar balls can be placed in your drawer or on your shelf that you are storing your cashmere items.  Moths are also deterred by lavender and eucalyptus oils; these can be placed near your cashmere items but avoid putting these directly onto your cashmere items.

Moths are attracted to unclean cashmere and lay their eggs here.  When the larvae hatch, they eat the natural fibres of your cashmere leaving the dreaded moth holes.


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