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Gloves Galore

Gloves Galore! Choosing the Perfect Pair

When it comes to a chilly day there is nothing worse than that tingle of coldness down to your fingertips.  That is why gloves are an absolute must-have essential! With so many glove options and alternatives, we are here to give you the low down on our favourite cashmere and lambswool gloves, wrist warmers and mittens.


Fabric Choice

The main benefit of natural fibres such as cashmere and lambswools is that they keep you warm and cosy but allow air to circulate.  Choosing between cashmere and lambswool comes down to your preference.  Cashmere is the softest of the soft and ideal for a casual walk.  Lambswool is more hardwearing and would be a great choice for the dog owners amongst us.

Gloves Galore Fabric Cashmere


When it comes to colour, the choices are endless.  For dull grey days, a pop of colour from your gloves can be just enough to add some brightness to your day and a smile to your face.

Neutral colours are versatile and coordinate well with most outfit choices, keeping you cosy and stylish.

We suggest you go for your favourite colour as this will bring you the most joy when you do wear your gloves.

Gloves Galore Colour

Finger or fingerless?

How do you choose between traditional gloves or mittens, and their fingerless versions?

If staying cosy is your number one goal and you’re doing a passive activity such as walking or sitting then gloves or mittens are a winner.

Fingerless gloves and fingerless mittens are perfect if you need to stay cosy but also need to actively use your hands.  If you need to have access to your mobile phone then fingerless gloves are your friend.  Your hands remain warm while your fingers are free to tap, tap tap.  Plus, it stops the need to constantly take off your gloves and put them back on.

Crisp, dry days are perfect for wrapping up, sitting outside with a freshly brewed coffee and enjoying some fresh air.  Wearing fingerless gloves keep your hands warm while keeping a reassuring grip on your favourite mug. We don’t want to waste any of that precious caffeine.

Fingerless gloves are also a great choice if you want to show off freshly manicured nails!

Gloves Galore Fingerless Gloves


Feel the cold? Layering is most definitely your friend!  Don’t be afraid to layer up your gloves to make yourself super cosy. Who says you need to choose only one way to be cosy?  Pair your favourite gloves or fingerless gloves with a pair of wrist warmers to keep you toasty warm.

We love pairing our cashmere classic gloves with a contrasting set of striped wristwarmers in Rainbow.


Are gloves just for outside?

Not for us! Being cosy is a way of life for us.  Cashmere and lambswool accessories are even cosier inside.  With many of us currently working from home, sitting at a computer does make you feel colder than normal.  Of course, regular breaks with the occasional star jump would sort that out.  But, we prefer the less energetic and more productive measure of fingerless gloves.  Fingerless gloves or mittens keep the core of your hand warm while your fingers are still able to freely type or use the phone.


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