Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are your cashmere and lambswool accessories made in Scotland?
A: Yes, absolutely! All our products are made in Hawick, Scotland’s famous knitwear heartland in the Scottish Borders, and hand-finished by our dedicated knitwear specialists.

Q: Your scarves seem warmer than other scarves for their weight. Why’s that?
A: We’ve borrowed a tip from the sheep! Their woolly coats have air trapped between the fibres to keep them warm. Our special warp-knitting technique has the same effect – it makes for a richer, warmer fabric. It also means each vertical line is knitted from a single colour, so we can design unusually rich and subtle colourways.

Q: Where do you get your design ideas from?
A: Design ideas are a team effort – often it’s a case of laying out colours and trying out different combinations. We keep up with colour trends and adapt them to our own colour ideas. With so many beautiful shades in the storeroom, there’s always something to inspire us!

Q: Why is your storeroom so chilly?
A: We store our yarn in an unheated space because heating can dry it and make it too brittle for knitting. But we have plenty of cosy hats and scarves around, so we don’t really notice.

Q: What’s the difference between cashmere and lambswool knitwear?
A: They’re completely different – like day and night. Cashmere is much more expensive. It’s supersoft against the skin, very warm, and drapes well. We have around 40 shades of cashmere, and the colours are very rich. Lambswool takes colour beautifully, and we have around 200 shades, which makes it highly versatile. It’s a soft and hard-wearing yarn which gives a less body-skimming fit.

Q: Where does your cashmere come from?
A: Our cashmere is a 100% natural fibre that comes from the wool of Kashmir goats in Mongolia. These goats have a double fleece, with coarse guard hairs protecting the soft underfleece which is used to make quality cashmere. This is combed out to obtain the fibre used in our products – a labour-intensive process, which is why cashmere costs more than other materials.

Q: How do I care for My Cosy Store accessories?
A: All our products carry the international wash and care symbols – see the label for details.

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