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enemies of cashmere

Enemies of Cashmere

Cashmere accessories are treasured by all that own them. Like any precious item, you want to protect it and keep it just perfect.

For a precious fibre like cashmere, there are several enemies of cashmere that can cause ruin!

Do not fear – we are here to highlight these threats to your cashmere and provide helpful tips and tricks to ensure the longevity of your favourite cashmere accessories.


Enemy of Cashmere – Sunlight
Just like Dracula, light is not a friend to your cashmere!

Very simply, if you leave your cashmere in strong direct sunlight this can degrade the fibre making it weaker. This can make your cashmere more prone to getting holes.

And a double whammy, sunlight can bleach and fade the colour of your cashmere. No one wants faded cashmere.

Defend Your Cashmere from Sunlight
When you are storing away your cashmere ensure the items are clean, fold them and place them in a cotton or linen bag. It is best to store the bag with cashmere on a shelf in a cupboard.

You can still wear your cashmere on a crisp sunny day it is the concentrated direct light that will cause damage to cashmere.


Enemy of Cashmere – Heat
Cashmere being the sensitive type isn’t a fan of heat either. Again, applying heat to cashmere breaks down and weakens the fibres that can lead to holes.

Defend Your Cashmere from Heat
The most vulnerable time for cashmere from heat is the drying process. Once you have washed your item place the accessory on a flat surface away from direct sunlight. Placing cashmere on a radiator can also damage the cashmere fibres so don’t give into temptation and keep away.


Enemy of Cashmere – Stains
As cashmere requires specific care to keep it pristine one of the most feared horrors for any cashmere owner is stains! We try to be careful to avoid mess, but accidents do happen.

Defend Your Cashmere from Stains
Usually, stains are noticed quickly and are fairly small. Rather than fully washing the item you can spot treat the stain with water, cashmere detergent and a cotton bud to tease out the stain.


Enemy of Cashmere – Moths
This is a story of unrequited love, moths love cashmere but cashmere does not love moths! Moths love to feast on your precious cashmere and even lay their eggs here. which leave you with moth bitten cashmere.

Defend Your Cashmere from Moths
Moths are particularly attracted to dirty cashmere; the best defence is to keep your cashmere clean and store it away correctly to detract moths. For extra moth detraction pop some cedar balls by your cashmere on the shelf or drawer to keep moths at bay.


Enemy of Cashmere – Washing Machines
Dirty and lightly soiled clothing can be thrown in the washing machine and bam it’s clean! Not the case with cashmere that needs a much more gentle touch when it comes to cleaning.  Most modern washing machines do have wool or delicate cycles, but we don’t recommend using a washing machine if you want to keep your cashmere like new.

Defend Your Cashmere from Washing Machines
The simple solution to this scary is to avoid putting your cashmere in the washing machine. Instead opt for the preferred and recommended hand wash.


Enemy of Cashmere – Tumble Driers
The easy dry option of a tumble drier is out if you want to maintain your cashmere accessories! The combination of the heat and tumble drier processes are much too harsh for delicate cashmere.

Defend Your Cashmere from Tumble Driers
Again, like the washing machine we recommend you avoid using a tumble drier and opt to air dry your cashmere if you want to keep wearing it. The combination of moisture and high temperatures can cause your cashmere to shrink which is not ideal. Unless you are looking to make some clothing for your favourite teddy bear!


Enemy of Cashmere – Dry Cleaners
Standard dry cleaners use a chemical process to clean products. This is great but not for cashmere. As cashmere is a natural fibre using chemicals can strip the fibres of its natural oils, leading to damage.

Defend Your Cashmere from Dry Cleaners
We would recommend avoiding using a dry cleaner for your cashmere and stick with the tried and tested handwashing process.

If you are still keen to use a dry cleaner service, check with them first on their process for caring for cashmere.


Enemy of Cashmere – Hooks and Hangers
Hanging your cashmere can cause the item to mis-shape. Especially if you hang your cashmere to dry as this will cause the item to stretch with the weight of the water and could even tear.

Defend Your Cashmere from Hooks and Hangers
The simple solution to avoid hook and hanger marks and stretching is not to use them. Cashmere should be folded and stored in a drawer or on a shelf.


For Further Tips and Tricks
If you need more advice on storing and caring for your favourite cashmere items you can find these in our Ultimate Cashmere Guide on The Yarn Blog.

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