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new year resolutions

Cosy & Relaxing New Year Resolutions

The new year is nearly here and this is usually the time when we make our outlandish promises that will be no doubt broken by the first week of January!

Not this year.

Let us help you make some cosy and relaxing New Year resolutions that you will not only stick to but will be happy to do!


Self-Care Time

New Year’s Resolution: Make more time for me

When life is busy, it is easy to forget to look after yourself. After the busy festivities, January is the perfect time to regroup, take some time out and make yourself a priority.

To some the term, ‘me-time’ is a bit squeamish and self-indulgent but it is actually an important factor in maintaining balance in our life. It isn’t selfish to take time out to look after yourself, you will become happier, think more clearly and function better too. What’s not to like about that?

Tip to Stick: Book in your me time

The best way to make sure you show up for yourself is to block the time out in your diary. Decide when would be a good time and stick to it. Be really clear with yourself on what your self-care time will be. Treat that time like you would with any other appointment, be there.

Then decide what your self-care activity is going to be. There are endless choices, try something new or rediscover a hobby you love but haven’t made time for. Some suggestions are meditation, reading, journaling, puzzling, bath time, exercise class, colouring, DIY, crafting, baking, mechanical project, gardening, baking, cooking, photography – you get the idea. Make your self-care time a time for you to do what you want.

For example, you can set aside 5 minutes every day to journal about your day. Or once a week, set aside 30 minutes for a crafting project.

Make it manageable, and you will stick to it.

Cosy Tip: Be cosy during your me-time

The purpose of self care is to relax and unwind. If you are cosy during your self-care, you will associate the feeling of comfort and relaxation with your activity. The more comfortable and safe we feel, the better.

From our experience reading, wearing wristwarmers on a comfy chair with a blanket is the perfect combination!


self care time
Self-care time with a book, coffee and cosy wristwarmers.


Make Sleep a Priority

New Year’s Resolution: Get better quality sleep

Did you spend all of December in party mode and need to focus on rest time? Or are you reading this thinking, “well, I go to sleep anyway, so this is an excellent idea for a new year’s resolution”?

Whatever your reasoning, sleep should be a priority for all of us!

When we are well rested, our body has time to repair and replenish our energy, happiness and health levels. When we feel better, we function better.


Tip to Stick: Focus on sleep time

There are lots of tips for better sleep; if we had to pick just one it would be setting a bed time.

We had a bedtime as a child, but as adults we get out of the habit of having a set bedtime as everyday life takes over. It is a simple resolution to try, go to bed at the same time every night.

Having good sleep hygiene, the term used to describe the environment and routines for bedtime can aid in getting better sleep. If you are going to bed at the same time every night it makes the winding down process easier too. Avoiding caffeine in the hours before bed and not eating too close to bedtime is easier when you know when those cut-off times are for you. Avoiding blue light, which is given off by electronic devices including smartphones, tablets and TVs, an hour before bed again is easier to do when you know when you will be hitting the hay.

Much of sleep good practice is all about consistency. The same bed time routine – getting washed up and into your pyjamas – and the same bedtime every night will develop these consistent good habits.

There are other contributors to sleep that you can do something about during the daytime too. Our sleep is dictated by our circadian rhythm, our body’s internal 24-hour clock, an important part of this is the sleep/wake cycle. Getting outdoors for fresh air and natural light signals to your body that it is daytime.

Another positive contributor to sleep is exercise. Getting outdoors for a daily walk will help you keep your circadian rhythm primed.

Next, it is looking at the sleep environment. Is it optimal for sleep? By this we mean, is your bedroom comfortable, relaxing and distraction-free?

Your bed and bedding are obvious places to start. Is your bed comfy? If not, luckily, the new year is often a great time to pick up homeware bargains to make your sleep space more comfortable.

Using blackout blinds, setting a cool temperature, wearing earplugs and adding some essential oils are other ways to make your sleep environment perfect for you.

The great news about sleep hygiene is that it is about changing habits.


Cosy Tip: Wear cashmere bedsocks

Wearing socks to bed signals to the body that it is time to rest and sleep. This works through a process called vasodilation; wearing socks warms your feet and in turn, widens the blood vessels, increases blood flow and reduces blood pressure helping us reach a restful state.

Cashmere bedsocks are the best choice. With cashmere being a natural fibre, it has properties you want at bedtime, warm yet breathable for a comfortable sleep.


sleep priority
Making sleep a priority with cashmere bedsocks.


Get Some Exercise

New Year’s Resolution: Get fit in 2023

New year, new you? The get fit goal must be one of the most popular resolutions to make and break!

And by ‘get fit’ do you mean to lose weight? The two are not the same but are often connected. Here we are focusing on getting active.

Maybe it is time to rethink your fitness plans. Much like our previous sleep resolution, consistency will make the difference. To be disciplined and consistent, it helps if you choose something that you enjoy and will also tick the exercise box for you. Maybe hitting the gym isn’t for you. It could be time to think about exercise differently. Some questions to ask yourself:

Do you want to exercise indoors, or is the outdoors a better fit for you?

Do you want to exercise alone or as part of a group?

While the gym might not be for you, there are several classes at the gym which might suit you better. Look to local groups and clubs. We are lucky to have lots of running clubs and bike groups here in the Scottish Borders.

A daily walk is a great way to incorporate exercise into your day. Set yourself a 15-minute target and walk as far as you can in this time and then walk back again. Do this daily and see how much further you can get each day.

Choosing an activity you enjoy will make it much easier to stick to.


Tip to Stick: Get an exercise buddy

One of the best ways to keep up your resolution is to be accountable and have someone to lean on. Even better if it’s a friend to socialise with at the same time.

If you are doing a solo exercise regime, having a buddy to check in with can work well. Think of them as your cheerleader and personal trainer.


Cosy Tip: Wear a beanie hat

We are lucky here in the Scottish Borders to escape outdoors and into nature from our doorsteps. Getting out for a casual walk, a run to burn off energy, or a bike ride in beautiful surroundings are things we enjoy. Being outdoors in Scotland does mean more often than not it can be a bit on the chilly side, wearing a beanie hat keeps us lovely and cosy while enjoying outdoor exercise.

get some exercise
Get some exercise the cosy way, out for a walk wearing a cashmere beanie hat.

What will your New Year’s Resolution be for 2023?

We would love to hear from you about your resolutions for 2023. Do you have a cosy resolution you would like to suggest?  Share your stories on our social channels, Facebook and Instagram.


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