Scottish Cashmere – the perfect Christmas gift for men!

Do you struggle to find the perfect Christmas gift for the men in your life? Gadgets are tricky, because they tend to buy their own. So how about a luxurious Scottish cashmere scarf? Or some smart grey cashmere gloves? A classic cashmere beanie hat? Here are some ideas for the perfect Christmas gift for the […]

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Cashmere socks grey - flight socks - bed socks

Cashmere Flight Socks & Top Long-Haul Flight Tips

Long-haul flights can be uncomfortable, so why not invest in some cashmere flight socks? They keep you warm, double up as bed socks, and are the ultimate pamper gift for people of all ages. Here’s why: 1. Comfort. Long-haul flights can be cramped and uncomfortable. Be deep-vein thrombosis (DVT) aware – be sure to keep […]

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Classic unisex grey cashmere beanie hat

Cashmere Beanie Hats – Ultimate Wearer’s Guide

These days, cashmere beanie hats are worn by everyone from David Beckham and Alexa Chung to rugged builders, North Sea oilmen and tiny fashion-forward children. So why not you? The thing is, beanies aren’t as simple as they seem. So to help you get it right every time, My Cosy Store has compiled this Beanie […]

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men's striped cashmere scarf

Striped Cashmere Scarves with the Warp Factor!

Our striped cashmere scarves are no ordinary scarves – they have the warp factor! Not warp speed, sadly – we’re still working on that… ‘Warp’ in the textile world refers to a special knit technique that makes our cashmere scarves thicker than the ordinary scarf, but with a fraction of the weight. Here’s how it […]

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Hermione scarf lambswool

The Mystery of Hermione’s Wristlets

The first buzz of excitement around Hermione’s wristlets reached My Cosy Store earlier this year. A German fashion site,, was linking to our number 37 wristwarmers! Their eagle-eyed trendspotters were wondering whether they were the original ones worn by Emma Watson in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. International fashion fans on another site, […]

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12 Secrets of Our Scottish Cashmere Scarves

1. Our cashmere scarves are made in Scotland, and the wool washed with soft Scottish water by soft, delicate Scottish hands, which adds extra warmth. 2. It’s entirely possible that the soft Scottish accents at My Cosy Store boost the softness of our cashmere. 3. Our scarves are warp knit – not your usual flat […]

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Welcome to the Cosy Blog!

Hello and welcome to the Cosy Blog! This is where we’re planning to share news, features and updates about our products, and hopefully inspire you to wear and enjoy our world-renowned Scottish cashmere and lambswool accessories. We’ll keep you up-to-date with our new products as soon as they go online, and also alert you to any […]

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