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Valentines Day Cashmere Socks

Cashmere socks and scarves – A love beyond Valentine’s Day

At My Cosy Store we love cosiness and comfort. With the continued restrictions presented by the COVID-19 pandemic and colder days, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to take action.

Here are our top 3 tips to show yourself, and your special someone, some love this Valentine’s Day.

Sole Mates

One thing we know for sure is cashmere socks make the perfect sole mate! A pair of cashmere socks really can make you feel special.

Gifting cashmere socks is certainly the way to say, ‘you are special to me’.  Like your affection, cashmere socks are adored well beyond the 14th of February.

It’s also the perfect time of year to show yourself some self-care and love.  Make your time at home a cosy time. Grab that hot chocolate laden with cream and marshmallows, snuggle into your favourite spot and escape with your latest book and.  Of course, don’t forget your comfy cashmere socks!

Valentine's Ladies Cashmere Rib Socks

Wrapped in Love

One of the biggest things we miss this year is the giving and receiving of a big hug.  A softly wrapped scarf can add a little bit of extra comfort and security in these worrying times.

A luxurious cashmere scarf can add a layer of love and affection you cannot otherwise share at the moment.  A scarf really is a hug you can wear anywhere!

Choosing a colourful lambswool scarf can really lift your spirits too.  In challenging times we are all looking for a way encourage smiles on our loved ones’ faces.

Valentine's Mens and Ladies Lambswool Striped Scarf

A Good Night’s Sleep

The most precious ‘me time’ is sleep time.

A good night’s sleep is all in the preparation.  Unwind with soft lighting and spritz some gentle and soothing lavender spray to alert the senses to relaxation time.  Avoid blue light from mobile devices or the TV.  Relax with a warm soothing drink, avoiding anything caffeinated that will keep you awake. Perhaps, unwind with a good book (can you tell we love books), or listening to some calming, chilled out music.

When you are ready to hit the hay, make sleep time ultra-snug by adding bed socks.  Finally, add a cashmere eye mask to block out any residual light and let cosiness lead you into a peaceful sleep.

A good night’s sleep is the best gift you can give yourself or a loved one.


Valentine's Cashmere Bed Socks