What Makes Cashmere High Quality?


My Cosy Store Scottish Cashmere Infographic


  1. Luxury – Cashmere is a luxurious natural fibre. It is renowned for its softness and warmth
  2. Washing – Only washing the cashmere in soft water, like that of the Scottish Borders, to give a simply luxurious finish
  3. Draping – When worn cashmere drapes fantastically and is a pleasure to wear
  4. High Tech – Hi-tech machinery and a company with attention to detail ensures that quality is second to none
  5. Colours – Quality dyes that create a fantastic range of shades and styles in cashmere with something to suite everyone
  6. Lifetime –  Cashmere when cared for properly could last a life time
  7. Scotland – Knitted with love in Scotland
  8. Top Notch – Cashmere is the Rolls Royce of fibres, an uplifting experience
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