Cashmere Flight Socks & Top Long-Haul Flight Tips

Long-haul flights can be uncomfortable, so why not invest in some cashmere flight socks? They keep you warm, double up as bed socks, and are the ultimate pamper gift for people of all ages. Here’s why:

Cashmere flight socks

Cashmere flight socks in perfect capri pink

1. Comfort. Long-haul flights can be cramped and uncomfortable. Be deep-vein thrombosis (DVT) aware – be sure to keep your legs warm and circulation flowing. Cashmere lets you stretch your toes and arches luxuriously, and ours are generously knee-high to keep your calves well covered.

2. Cosiness. Air-conditioning on long-haul flights can be on the chilly side. Cashmere flight socks are beautifully warm, yet lightweight, so they’re perfect for tucking in your bag without adding to your baggage allowance.

3. Pampering. Why arrive grumpy and worn out on the first day of your holiday? Pamper yourself with gorgeous cashmere flight socks and you’ll be ready to take on the world!

Cashmere flight socks

Cashmere flight socks in soft flannel gray

4. Sleep. It’s hard to sleep with draughty feet. Keep yours warm and covered with cashmere flight socks and a cosy blanket and you’re far more likely to relax, drift off and wake refreshed on the other side.

5. Mood boost. Our cashmere socks come in lots of lively fashion brights to cheer you up, whether during your flight, or as beautiful bed socks once you’re safely in your hotel and shaking off jetlag.

6. Other tips? A black silk eye mask is a must for daytime shut-eye. You’ll wonder how you managed without one! Soft squishy ear plugs (cut in half – they’re always far too big) are great for shutting out the snorer next door. And we like to wear a soft cashmere beanie hat to keep stray air-conditioning draughts from our heads. Staying warm is half the battle. With some decent sleep during your flight, you’ll wake up bright and ready for action on the other side!

7. And once you’re back home, our cashmere socks double up as fabulous bed socks – great for lounging around in sweatpants, relaxing in front of the telly… or even wearing in bed!

Our socks are supersoft 100% cashmere 2ply, and made with love in Scotland by My Cosy Store, in Scotland’s famous textile town of Hawick in the Scottish Borders.

Read more about our family-run business, and visit the cosiest store in Scotland!




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