Cashmere Beanie Hats – Ultimate Wearer’s Guide

These days, cashmere beanie hats are worn by everyone from David Beckham and Alexa Chung to rugged builders, North Sea oilmen and tiny fashion-forward children. So why not you?

The thing is, beanies aren’t as simple as they seem. So to help you get it right every time, My Cosy Store has compiled this Beanie Hat Definitive 10-Point Guide:

Pink cashmere beanie with cable detail

Pink cashmere beanie with cable detail

1. There are slouchy beanies, and perky beanies. Take great care to wear them appropriately. A slouchy beanie calls for slouchy posture. A perky beanie requires perky posture. Never mix and match.

2. Buy quality. Beanie hats need stretch to fit well, so invest in the best. Our 3ply cashmere beanies have plenty of stretch combined with rib turnups for a great head-hugging fit. They are fully wind-tunnel tested and won’t desert you in time of need.

3. Buy 3-ply. Your head loses heat the quickest, so it’s the most important bit to keep warm in winter. Otherwise, your brain may get sluggish and stop you performing at your best. A light 1-ply flat knit won’t do the job. A 3-ply cable beanie with rib turn up is the brain-friendly solution.

Cashmere beanie cable hat in blue

Cashmere beanie cable hat in blue

4. Some people think of beanie hats as purely functional workwear – sort of dungarees for the head. No, no, no! Beanie hats are pretty! They bring a gorgeous pop of colour to a drab winter outfit. Our cable beanies are especially cute, and come in lots of cheerful shades.

5. Cashmere beanies are fantastic for bad hair days. Wear one in a fabulous colour and luxury 100% Scottish cashmere, and all eyes will be on your beautiful hat, and not your secret grooming issue.

6. The devil is in the detail. An everyday ordinary beanie can look flat and dull. A beautifully made cashmere beanie with adorable style details, interesting textures and thick soft ribs will quietly whisper ‘quality’.

Classic unisex grey cashmere beanie hat

Classic unisex grey cashmere beanie

7. One cashmere beanie simply isn’t enough. At the very least, you’ll need a chic grey beanie for work, and a bright one in your favourite colour pop for more frivolous days.

8. Beanie psychology: if you’re feeling under par, a red or pink beanie is great for an instant pickup. The soft cashmere will also soothe your soul.

9. The word ‘beanie’ probably comes from 1940s US slang for ‘head’. The expression ‘to bean’ means ‘to hit someone on the head’, and appears in PG Wodehouse in 1924: ‘Why did you not bean him with a shoe before he could make his getaway?’

10. A warning: people may want to touch your cashmere beanie. This is because they are appealingly soft and strokeable. Don’t worry, this is a natural urge – resist at your peril. Or better still, buy the person a cashmere beanie of their very own.

Head for our shop and treat yourself to the best cashmere beanies around!

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