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Caring for Your Cashmere Scarves

A cashmere scarf is an absolute winter season essential.  Caring for your cashmere scarves will give you years and years of cosy comfort from your favourite winter staples.


Wearing Cashmere Scarves

The beauty of a cashmere scarf is that it is super easy to wear and instantly keeps you warm and cosy!

To extend the life of your cashmere scarf make sure you avoid wearing jewellery or zips that could cause damage by coming into contact with your scarf snagging, catching or rubbing to cause bobbling/pilling.  Any pilling that appears can be removed using a cashmere comb and brushing in a singular direction.


Washing Cashmere Scarves

The delicate cashmere fibres that make up your scarf need a little extra care to ensure their long-lasting cosiness.

  1. Add some cool water into a basin and add an approved specialist cashmere detergent.
  2. Place your cashmere scarf into the basin to soak in the water detergent mixture.
    1. If you are washing your cashmere scarf due to a stain, spot treat with pre-wash wool stain soap before placing the item in the basin.
  3. Gently swish the water around with your hands and soak your scarf for up to 5 minutes.
    1. No need to scrub or rub to clean, plus this will damage the cashmere fibres.
  4. Rinse your scarf with clean cool water
  5. Remove your cashmere scarf and gently squeeze water from the items by hand. Avoid wringing and twisting your scarf to remove water.
  6. To further remove excess moisture from your cashmere scarf, wrap in a towel and lightly squeeze again, repeat as necessary to remove most of the retained water.
  7. Lay your scarf out flat to dry naturally. Hanging your scarf will cause the fibres to stretch and misshape.  Do not dry your cashmere scarf on a radiator, in direct sunlight or in a tumble dryer.
  8. Once dry your cashmere scarf is ready to wear or store.
    1. If required, your scarf can be ironed on low heat to remove any creases.


Storing Cashmere Scarves

When it comes to storing your cashmere scarves at the end of the chilly season follow our top tips to make sure your scarves are ready to wear as soon as the next chilly day arrives. Wash and dry your scarves and either roll your scarf like a Swiss roll or gently fold using a sheet of tissue paper to add extra protection. Place in a cotton or linen storage bag before storing in a drawer or shelf. Add a pouch of lavender or a cedar ball in your drawer or on your shelf to detract moths.


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