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Caring for Your Cashmere Beanie Hats

A cashmere beanie hat can be worn all year round and like any cashmere item needs some care for its enduring cosiness.


Wearing a Cashmere Beanie Hat

The simplicity of a cashmere beanie hat – just put it on your head and on you go!

Any pilling that appears on your hat can be removed using a cashmere comb and brushing in a singular direction.


Washing Cashmere Beanie Hats

While wearing your beanie hat will create natural oils from your hair and skin to be transferred onto the delicate cashmere fibres. Washing your beanie hat every so often will keep it clean and keep you cosy for longer.

  1. Add some cool water into a basin and add an approved specialist cashmere detergent.
  2. Place your cashmere beanie hat into the basin to soak in the water detergent mix.
    1. If you are washing your cashmere hat due to a stain, spot treat with pre-wash wool stain soap before placing the item in the basin.
  3. Gently swish the water around with your hands and soak your beanie for up to 5 minutes.
    1. No need to scrub or rub to clean, plus this will damage the cashmere fibres.
  4. Rinse your beanie hat with clean cool water.
  5. Remove your cashmere beanie and gently squeeze water from the hat by hand. Avoid wringing and twisting your hat to remove water as this will damage the fibres and mis-shape your hat.
  6. To further remove excess moisture from your cashmere beanie hat, wrap in a towel and lightly squeeze again, repeat as necessary to remove most of the retained water.
  7. Lay your hat out flat to dry naturally on a drying rack. Re-shape while damp. Do not dry your cashmere hat on a radiator, in direct sunlight or in a tumble dryer.
  8. Once dry, your cashmere hat is ready to wear or store away.
  9. If required, your beanie hat can be ironed on a low heat to remove any creases.



Storing Cashmere Beanie Hats

Cashmere beanie hats can be worn all year round, but you may save your beanie for chilly days and store it away. Wash and dry your beanie hats placing them in a cotton or linen storage bag. Store away in a drawer or shelf with a pouch of lavender or a cedar ball in your drawer or on your shelf to detract moths.


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