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april showers bring may flowers blossoms

April Showers Bring May Flowers!

The well known rhyme April showers bring May flowers fills us with joy and anticipation. If lockdown last year began your gardening journey, this is an especially exciting time to see what natural beauty will appear.


In our gardens, we are starting to see the first blooms from our first foray into gardening, from bulbs to fully-fledged flowers!   Our first triumph was the appearance of daffodils, followed by pots of tulips that instantly brighten our day.  Now we are seeing beautifully delicate flowers such as the iris and crocus taking pride of place in our gardens.

It’s not just the bulbs that we are seeing come into their own, plants that we have given a home to in our gardens are showing us they’ve truly settled in.  A climbing clematis is starting to bud, and we anxiously await seeing the flowers appear.

Our fingers are crossed for May when we anticipate the colourful explosion of calla lilies and begonias.

Out on our walks, we are seeing masses of dainty primula and breathing in the distinctive smell of wild garlic.  Even the trees are showing off their new foliage with cherry blossoms an especially pretty sight.

april showers bring may flowers primula


Home Grown Eating

It is not just flowers we have begun planting, herbs and vegetables have also become part of our repertoire.

We love having fresh herbs on hand to enhance our cooking.  The smell of fresh basil in the kitchen is an absolute delight too.  We have even surprised ourselves with the versatility of our herb use in cocktails!  That’s right we have been adding basil to our gin, with some lemon, lime and gomme sugar syrup and ice – absolutely delicious! Now that we are coming into soft fruit season, we will be mixing it up with some strawberries.

Home grown basil plant

There is something special about home grown produce.  After sowing the seeds to nurturing the small plant, it’s soon time to harvest our ‘crops’.  We know that our various salad greens will make the ultimate salad.  Every radish, tomato and cucumber that grows tastes extra sweet with the knowledge that we grew it ourselves.



Once the gardening bug has caught on and we begin the reap the rewards of our work last year we look to the future of our garden.  Having spent much more time in our outdoor space we are now familiar with the direction of sunlight and what is already thriving in your garden.

Springtime is ideal for sowing wildflowers and sunflower seeds!  Apart from the extra bursts of colours – vibrant blue of cornflowers, the vivid red of poppies and of course the bright yellow of sunflowers – these wild flowers attract more nature into your garden.  Encouraging bees and butterflies into your garden has wide benefits to the environment. Plus, spotting the many varieties of butterfly will naturally bring a smile to your face.

img 5455



With so much more time spent at home, we are pairing our gardening skills with our crafting skills to make statement decorations for our front door.

An old, upturned umbrella, an old pair of welly boots or even a wicker basket can easily be upcycled with some ribbon and flowers to make a welcoming alternative to a door wreath.

april showers bring may flowers tulip door decorations

Feeling Inspired?

We are feeling inspired by our gardens. We would love to know what you’ve been growing in your gardens.  Pop over to our social pages Facebook and Instagram to share your planting achievements!


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