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A to Z of cashmere

A to Z of Cashmere

Just for fun we have put together our A to Z list of all things cashmere.

At My Cosy Store we specialise in cashmere accessories. With humble beginnings in scarf production, we have expanded our production to include beanie hats, gloves and socks with more projects in development.

Let’s not forget we also have a range of cashmere for precious newborn babies. Cashmere booties and mitts keep tiny fingers and toes cosy. Super cute cashmere baby beanie hats with or without pompom protect delicate little heads. Our star adorned baby blanket adds a touch of luxury for precious little ones.

Our ranges really come to life with colours added to the mix.  We take much inspiration from the nature that surrounds us.  Our ranges include a variety of colours – classic black and whites, neutral greys and beiges, and colourful brights and pastel shades.  There really is a colour for everyone.

To create the beautiful colours, dyes are added to the yarns to create the beautiful colours you see in our finished products.

While we hand finish all of our accessories we also use specialist equipment to manufacture our cashmere accessories. Our sock machine is quite something to see, as is our pompom machine!

One of the most important factors when it comes to cashmere quality is the fibres.  The length of the cashmere fibres can vary from 2.5cm to 10cm, the longer the fibre the better the quality.

The term gauge refers to the number of stitches and rows per inch.  Items with a high gauge are thicker, a lower gauge is a more open light-weight item if the same yarn type is used.

We are based in Hawick, the home of cashmere.  With traditional mill roots we have a wealth of experience in producing the highest quality cashmere knitwear.  When we finish the knit we wash the items in soft Scottish spring water maximising the softness of the cashmere.

We can wear cashmere all year round but there is something special about wrapping up in cashmere on a cold and icy day. A chilly winter day gives us the excuse to layer up with super soft cashmere scarves, beanie hats and gloves.

One of the reasons that cashmere is so loved the world over is the joy it brings! It is the ultimate comfort to be wrapped up in super soft and cosy cashmere. It is such a joy to wear cashmere all year round too.

Cashmere wouldn’t be, and couldn’t be, cashmere without Kashmir goats, typically found in regions of Mongolia and China. The goats have a double fleece, the first is a coarse outer coating of hair, known as guard hair.  Beneath this guard layer is a layer of soft undercoat which is used to make the cashmere wool we use to produce our cashmere accessories.

Cashmere is luxurious, it is the softest and rarest type of wool in the world.

A winter staple has got to be a pair of mittens.  With a resurgence in popularity, mittens keep your hand and fingers super cosy on those chilly days.  The evolution of trends has also boosted the popularity of fingerless mitts.

Cashmere wool is versatile as it is a natural fibre.  This means that it has qualities that make cashmere cosy and warm to wear but is also breathable, so you don’t overheat.

We will find every and any opportunity to wear our cashmere accessories in Scotland. Sure you can wrap up in your warmest cashmere during winter but cashmere can be worn throughout the year. A cashmere beanie hat is perfect for hiking even during the summer. Bedsocks can be worn every night to help you get to sleep. Wristwarmers will keep you cosy on a cold day and looking cool on warmer days.

When you are looking to buy cashmere, you will come across a reference to ply. Ply is the number of cashmere threads combined and twisted to form the yarn.  The lightest of cashmere is 1-ply, yarn with a single twisted thread yarn.  At My Cosy Store our accessories are often made with a 2-ply cashmere yarn or higher to ensure a super snug item.

When it comes to quality there are a few things to look out for.  First of all, cashmere is soft and luxurious, it should not feel scratchy.  High-quality cashmere will soften with time. An item made of quality cashmere should spring back into shape if gently stretched. Pilling is something that will happen to all cashmere over time but the quicker the pilling the lower quality the cashmere is.  Pilling is where little balls start forming, indicating shorter lengths of hair have been used which is a lower quality cashmere.

Region is an important factor when it comes to cashmere. It is the specific combination of Kashmir goats living in the Kashmir region to produce the raw cashmere. Then the use of the soft local water in the Scottish Borders provides the ultimate finish to the cashmere. This combination cannot be emulated anywhere else in the world.

When it comes to staying super snug we are all about cashmere socks! Cosy toes really do equal cosy days in our book.  We produce cashmere socks for men and women in a range of patterns and colours.  We have even released some Limited Edition socks in a range of bright Summery shades and mellow pastel hues – lucky ladies, snap these up while they are still available.

The Good Cashmere Standard provides a benchmark for the production of sustainable cashmere.  There are three key principles; to promote animal welfare in cashmere production, support cashmere farmers to secure a sustainable source of income and protect the environment.

Being a British based business, we are proud to manufacture our quality cashmere accessories in the United Kingdom.  We provide employment and contribute to the local economy.

When you get stuck for a gift, a gift voucher is a perfect solution. This gives the recipient the gift of choice, while you know they will be getting a super gift of cashmere. Our vouchers are emailed and valid for a whole year.

The quality of the Scottish water is an important part of the manufacturing process.  When it comes to washing your cashmere, this should be done sparingly. There are a few essential steps to follow to care for your knitwear.  Cashmere should be hand washed in cool water with an approved detergent.  The item should then be laid flat to dry away from direct heat.  For more information look at our caring for your product page.

X is for Xmas. The Christmas holiday season is the most popular time to gift cashmere. Cashmere is a gift that is loved by the recipient and is perfect for gifting during the winter season.

The reels of yarn used to produce each and every cashmere product are a vital part of the process.  Yarns are stored on cones and it is the small cones of yarn that began our journey.  We use specially made machinery to use the small cones of yarn that are often wasted in the manufacturing process.  These yarn cones are perfect for us to make cashmere accessories, reducing industry waste in the process.
We also have a blog The Yarn that we regularly update with our news.

We love catching some Zzz’s!  Wearing cashmere bedsocks is part of our bedtime routine and sets us up for a great night’s sleep.  Want to know more about how cashmere can help your sleep check out this post on our blog Destination Comfort – Bedtime.


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