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Lightweight Warmth

5 Reasons Why Cashmere Socks and Scarves are Great

Ask any cashmere wearer and they’ll tell you that nothing beats the super soft yarn for warmth, luxury, breathability and endurance.

At My Cosy Store, we source the only best raw materials for our collection of cashmere socks, hats, gloves and scarves. Our cashmere is harvested by hand from the luxuriant undercoat of cashmere goats and milled in Hawick, in the Scottish Borders using skills and knowledge passed down from generation to generation.


Cashmere is one of the finest natural fibres in the world. It is a rare and finite natural resource, so unsurprisingly these delicate fibres cost a little bit more. The luxury of a pair of cashmere socks or gloves is an affordable indulgence, an act of self-care that makes you feel special every time you put them on.

Yarns of colourful cashmere wool for socks and scarves

Breathable Warmth

The fibres of the finest cashmere are long, light and hollow. They possess intense insulating properties, trapping warm air within the hollow fibres. Garments fashioned from these exquisite fibres provide unbeatable warmth in the coldest outdoor temperatures and breathable protection indoors and in mild conditions.

Women wearing light blue cable cashmere beanie hat and cable cashmere scarf

Lightweight Warmth

The hollow, featherlight structure of fine cashmere, preserves heat without adding weight. High-quality cashmere is up to 8 times warmer than wool, making it the ideal choice for luxurious hats, scarves, gloves and socks that play a critical role in keeping our extremities warm.

Woman wearing cashmere beanie hat and tuck stitch cashmere gloves

Super Soft

Cashmere has a superior loft to wool, the higher the loft, the softer the touch and the greater the feeling of comfort and luxury when worn against the skin. Incredibly, good cashmere grows even softer with age and drapes beautifully; a cashmere scarf falls in long pliant folds, always timelessly elegant and stylish.

A selection of super soft, cosy cable cashmere scarfs in light blue, neutral and light grey

Soft But Strong

Cashmere has a high strength to weight ratio, cared for properly, cashmere accessories, like cashmere socks have a long lifespan. A beautiful cashmere scarf is an heirloom piece to treasure.

Man wearing blue/grey cashmere socks with tan coloured oxford brogue shoes


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