12 Secrets of Our Scottish Cashmere Scarves

1. Our cashmere scarves are made in Scotland, and the wool washed with soft Scottish water by soft, delicate Scottish hands, which adds extra warmth.

2. It’s entirely possible that the soft Scottish accents at My Cosy Store boost the softness of our cashmere.

3. Our scarves are warp knit – not your usual flat knitting, but a special process where each thread has its own needle. The result is thick, gorgeous softness that makes the best of cashmere’s cosy properties.

Scottish cashmere scarves

Superlight 1-ply cashmere scarf

4. It’s all about trapped air! Warp knit scarves trap lots of air in little pockets, which heats and creates a barrier against the cold. So you are being kept warm by a host of tiny cashmere burps.

5. Our cashmere comes from the soft underbellies of Mongolian cashmere goats,  who know a thing or two about extreme weather.

6. Mongolian cashmere goat underbellies are very soft, warm places.

7.  Our scarves come in three varieties for different weather conditions: fine 1-ply cashmere lace scarves for light spring or autumn breezes; fine 1-ply warp cashmere scarves for when it starts to get chilly (scarves for men, scarves for women); 2-ply thick cashmere scarves for ultimate warmth with none of the bulk (scarves for men, scarves for women).

Scottish cashmere scarves

Cashmere closeup

8.  Cashmere takes colour beautifully, so we like to use stripes to show off its properties.

9. Our designer roams the Scottish Borders countryside at weekends, on the hunt for new colourways inspired by nature.

10.  Men secretly love the softness of cashmere scarves, even if they don’t always show it.

11. Women’s love of soft luxury cashmere scarves is not a secret.

12. Our scarves are made with love in the Borders town of Hawick, the ancestral home of Scottish cashmere.

And finally…

The biggest secret of Scottish cashmere is how it feels to the touch – it’s simply sumptuous. We’d love a link where you could download a sample. But until that’s possible, you’ll just have to visit our shop!


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